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Do you love playing video games but think they're too expensive to ever spend any real time on them? You may have heard that you can earn money by playing games, and you're interested in finding out more? Maybe you're just fascinated by the idea of playing games for money and want to know how it works? If you're passionate about gaming and want to make some extra cash, then this article is for you. You'll learn how to get started playing free games, get tons of free games as a bonus for completing tasks, and find several websites that will pay for you to play games.


There are a few different ways to get started playing games for free. Lets take a look at the most popular ways to do so.

Get together with your friends and play some games. It's one of the best ways to start playing games for free. If you're lucky enough to know people as passionate about games as you are, then playing with them could be the best way to get started. You can all play together, complete tasks and earn rewards that way. This method is also a good way to make new friends.

Whether you play alone or with friends, you will find plenty of opportunity to take part in prize tournaments, multiplayer tournaments, earn virtual currency and bonus rewards.

If you want to play video games without having to download any of them, then sign up for a service such as MOG or Spotify.## Output These services are entirely online music streaming platforms where you can simply choose whether to listen to game sounds or play games. As a result, you'll be paid every time someone plays one the soundtracks you deliver for your service.

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About Us


Superpay.me is an easy way to get started making money from video games. Simply create a free account, then browse our selection of offerwalls to see the paid games available. most games will reward you for either a simple download, for reaching a certain level of the game or by completing and in-game event pr purchase.

The amount avalable for each game or task will be displayed in the offerwall before you access it, so you will know eactly what you will be paid and for what task.


N Now that you know how to get started playing games for free and how to make money from it with Superpay.me, its time to take action and put these tips to use. Get ready to make some money playing games.


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What type of games will pay?

There are lots of different games that will pay for your participation. Find mobile games, puzzle games, card games and more. Play fun games from well known classic games to the latest releases. The most common games at the moment are downloadable games that require you to reach a certain level. Game options might include arcade games, cash rewards trivia games, all-new adventure games, app games, pch games and many more cash paying games.

How much will I get paid to play games?

It's easy to earn real money for playing popular games. How much you get paid completely depends on the the game, what you are being asked to do and complete and the amount of time it takes to complete. All games have different payouts, with some offering as much as $25. Most will pay less, but also take less time. Expect to earn about $1-$5 per game with occasional opportunities with much higher earning potential. As a general rule the further into a game you need to go, the more you will be paid. For example the opportunity to complete in game tasks mean that some games will reward at several different stages so you can get paid 3 or 4 times for the same game, just reaching different levels..

Why do companies pay you to play games?

With such a wide selection of games available in app stores, companies realise that the best way for their game to become popular is for people to actually play, enjoy and recommend it, as well as trying to get it trending as a popular download on app stores. The best way to do this, is to actually pay people money or enticing rewards for playing games. You can use this money to help reach your financial goals. The amounts of money you can earn will vary depending on the requirements and type of game. Some games will offer bigger incentives but may require in app purchases to reach the required level.

Do you get paid immediately after each game?

Once you complete the requirements for a particular game, then usually the reward for that will come through within a few minutes, but give it a few hours to be safe.

Do you only offer paid games?

No, in addition to earn cash rewards for playing your favorite games, you can also make real money for taking part in online surveys, watching videos, or taking part in free trials. All paid games and paid surveys can be accessed on mobile devices, laptops and tablets. You can also win real cash prizes as part of our regular contests where you can win your share of $1000 each time. Superapy.me offers a large number of ways to make extra money online.

How do i get paid for taking part in online games.?

Most of our games provide the reward in virtual currency, and for Superpay.me these are called points. These can be exchanged for gift cards, such as am amazon gift card or converted to cash and withdrawn via one of our payment options. Cash payments can be requested via our payment providers, paypal or cryptopay. You cannot use Skrill to withdraw cash for playing online games.

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