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How do I refer members?

You refer members to SuperPay.Me using your unique referral links and banners here;

You need to share your link and get people to join by clicking your link and registering with our website.
You should share your link with your family & friends.

It is a good idea to share your link on Facebook and other social platforms. The more people who see your link, the better chance of obtaining a lot of referrals.
Many of our top referrers create blogs and post their links there and on other money making forums.

Do not spam and site or forum. We have a zero tolerance policy with spam and we will ban and report any members found to be spamming.

1. How do I refer members?
2. How can I see the members i have referred?
3. How much can I earn by referring members?
4. Why did my referral disappear?
5. Why did i not earn from my referral?
6. Where is my referral link and banners?

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